• 4 hr

    400 US dollars
  • 12 hr

    1,250 US dollars

Charter Packages (for up to Six)

Choose from a wide variety of fishing opportunities. Whether you want to spend the day along the beautiful coastline with family and friends, or if you want to experience deep sea fishing at its best, Miss Meredith Fishing Charters is here to help.  All bait and tackle is provided. 

15% to 20% gratuity not included!

Scenic Island Tour



If fishing isn't your thing, we offer a scenic island tour of the island of Cape Ann.


See all of the Gloucester and Rockport beaches, lighthouses, castles, and a sunset over the ocean!


Get a first hand experience of all of the beautiful coastline and sea life that Cape Ann has to offer! 

Bluefin Tuna Trip



Bluefin Tuna migrate into local waters between the months of June and October.  Get in on the action!


This fishing trip is typically 12 hours long and limited to 4 people.  Two small, and one Medium Tuna can be kept by the group, as well as any other type of fish caught during the trip.  


**Any tuna 73" and larger will be kept as property of the Miss Meredith.  In that instance, a $500 credit will be given to the group for any future trip.

Lobstering Trip



Come along with the Miss Meredith as she hauls her many strings of traps and see just what goes into putting a delicious lobster on your plate!


Be a part of the crew, or sit back and watch them work!  Each lobster charter will be given six one-pound lobsters to bring home with them!


Want more?  We'd be happy to sell them to you at a discounted price. 

Deep Sea Fishing ~ 5 hrs



Come experience the excitement of reeling in the best fish the North Atlantic has to offer!  Spend the day catching as many fish as you can, bring the fish home and have a feast!


A typical day of deep sea fishing yields Haddock (limit 3 per person), Halibut, Pollock, Cusk, Redfish, and Hake.  


**Cod and Wolfish may also be caught, but federal regulations prohibit keeping them at this time.  

Deep Sea Fishing ~ 9 hrs



Our longest deep sea fishing excursion gives you the opportunity to leave the dock at sunrise and experience how beautiful a morning on the water can be. 


The extra time allows you to choose from a few different fishing locations, increasing your possible yield of fish.

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